Positive change.

One of the two most powerful tools in the world is the ability to create exact emotional responses in people.
Desires are inspirational. Beliefs are powerful. Emotion ignites. 

The second most powerful tool in the world is to cohesively and constructively convey (seriously josh?) accurate information. Information is instructive. Knowledge is transformational. Facts are the fuel that emotion ignites.

When you put the two together what you get is someone with the motivation and ability to change the world around them. Translate this to a company and you have a better marketplace. Translate this to activists and you have a better world to live in. Translate it to the marginalized and you have more rights. 

It doesn’t matter what the issue, who the group, or where the problem – if the situation isn’t as good as it could be – then creating a positive change comes down to these two tools. If you can trigger an acute emotional response and provide the facts to guide it, anything can happen.